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The Center for Social Dynamics (CSD) is an organization providing Autism services to cultural-diverse populations in the state of California. We have a commitment to:

• Rapid responding to evolving child and parent needs.

• Cultural sensitivity to family values and generational dynamics.

• A multi-disciplinary approach to evidence-based methods.

• Creative play in a Natural Learning Environment and structured Intensive Teaching.

Our Mission is to enable children and individuals to reach their full potential by providing intervention that will develop new skills and concepts to maximize their ability to learn from natural environments and to empower families by providing supportive coaching and behavior management.

Our Vision is to deliver the best and most innovative solutions possible for children and their families affected by autism or other disabilities and foster a strong culture of community participation and inclusion.

” My goal is to enable all of us to understand and analyze the complex issues that young children with Autism have to deal with in order to establish and sustain peer relationships and to develop a plan that will help all of them succeed in this important area of their lives, careers and stimuli.”

— Pete Pallarés | CEO & Founder

Pete Pallarés | CEO & Founder

Pete Pallarés, is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Social Dynamics. Active in the field of autism and developmental disabilities for over 19 years, Pete has devoted much of his time working in research, diagnosis and the treatment of autism across different cultures. As CEO, Pete is in charge of directing a team of highly qualified professionals develop and implement individualized treatment programs for children and families diagnosed with autism utilizing the principals of applied behavior analysis and the cultural context within their geographical location. Pete has provided intervention programs for a wide range of patients, from high-functioning children to very challenging individuals. His specialization includes unpacking and analyzing cultural the dynamics within a setting, an environment, or an individual. Pete is an annual presenter and his work in cultural competence has been internationally recognized. A native from Barcelona, Spain, he spends time in his native Spain, the Bay Area and Latino-America helping families affected with autism. Pete is currently an active member and presenter for the California Association for Behavioral Analysis (CALABA) and has also been an associate to important autism research studies conducted by the Department of Public Health and Kaiser Permanente.